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2011 China Industry-University-Research -

SME Product Innovation & Branding Summit

Enhance independent research ability,accelerate technological

achievement transformation, enhance core competitiveness

encourage industry-university-research cooperation,optimize strategic

for financial matching

[Guangzhou2 August,2011] 2011 China Industry-University-Research - SME Product Innovation & Branding Summit hold on 14-16 September,2011 in Hotel Zhujiang GuangZhou, is organized by China Industry-University-Research Brand Building Alliance, China National Branding Association, Guangdong Commerce & Economy Academy and Supported by Chinese SMEs Academy of Social Sciences and Research Centre (Invited), Sky Deal Group Limited, Skydeal Services Union,Hong Kong SME Forum, Hong Kong Linux Association,China Technology Industry Monthly, Linuxpilot and HK-SMB.COM .

Now China economy is in the critical moment of transforming and upgrading. In this year, the Summit aims to enhance independent research ability, enhance core competitiveness, accelerate technological, encourage industry-university-research cooperation, accelerate technological achievement transformation, become the platform for SMEs developing strategy building, and boost the pattern of economy growth in China.

During the new trend of national economy structure arrangement and transform in production method, promote innovated system of industry-university-research integration, realize improvement and independent innovation in technology, drive different economy section become larger and stronger, promote Chinese branding and product to the world, build up more and more national branding. To achieve the transformation from made in China to Create in China, make China become the King of creation, push the development and cultivation of the industry-university-research cooperation. In order to bring up the best enterprise of the well-known brand and motive SMEs starting independent innovation, this summit set up the award for enterprise innovation independently and enterprise contribution for brand building.

It is motivation,promotion and guidance for establishing enterprise independent innovation brand building award.It is the encouragement for SMEs increase its quality,improve technology, broaden its market and gain from the world market through industry-university-research integration.Also aims to promote independent innovation,independent intellectual property right and technology and product innovation, enhance impact and popularity,become the role model and encourage, lead SMEs to learn from the prize-winning SMEs, advance national brand building strategic, national brand building and push China's brand to the world.

To help potential SMEs to access fund, Sky Deal Group Limited and Skydeal Services Union,organizer of this summit will organize a SMEs financial matching activity,provide a good chance for SMEs to communicate and cooperate with the Banker, Financial management company,private equity fund, investing bank.

To adopt the trend of global economic development and strengthen the international interaction and cooperation in the field of industry-unversity-research.HongKong Linux Association, supporting organization of this summit invites SMEs association representative in Hong Kong and Macau and Advance information technology and research organization in Korea and interact with the SMEs in China, and communicate the project for industry- university-research cooperation, it is the best platform for SMEs in China and Foreign enterprise to cooperation and become internationalization.

According the recent market research, there is a great market for business in China, total retail amount of China consumer goods high as RMB 15.46 trillion in 2010.Target of twelfth-five-year planning this year is extend internal market and urbanization. These two policy can help increase the sales of consumer goods and the total sales amount will become largest. How SMEs can catch this opportunity? The expert of Guangdong Commerce Economy Academy and Chinese SMEs Academy of Social Sciences and Research Centre will be invited and analyze the current situation of China's economy.

2011 China Industry-University-Research - SME Product Innovation & Branding Summit is a royal event for Chinese and International SMEs, participant can experience the birth of SMEs independent innovation brand building, extend China market, broaden international horizons, gain the good chance for business development. For more information, please visit


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