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Summit's Target and VIP Guest

1、Organization and community in Hong Kong & Mainland China

Industry-University-Research & Brand Building Alliance

China International Brand Association

Guangdong Commerce & Economy Academy

The Research Center For Small Medium Enterprise, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

Skydeal Group Limited

Skydeal Services Union

Hong Kong SME Forum

Hong Kong Linux Association

Macau Information Technology Association

The Electronic Science and Technology Association of Macau

Macau Information Technology Centre

The Hong Kong Association of International Co-operation of Small and Medium Enterprises

2、Foreign Countries and organization representative

Tetsuya Abe (CEO, C&M (HONG KONG) CO.,LTD.)


Wang Jian Hwa, Secretary of China Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Association

Si Dinghuan, Counsellors' Office of the State Council、Secretary of The Ministry of Science and Technology

Jiang Minglin, Counsellors' Office of the State Council、CPPCC Standing Committee

Liu Yuanzhang, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Quality Management Expert

Gao Chiqi, Secretary of Chinese science InstituteGao Shiqi Foundation Committee

Xie Ailan, Chairman of Chinese International Brand Association

Luo Zhongwei, Director of Chinese SMEs Academy of Social Sciences and Research Centre

Li Youhuan, President of Guang Dong CSR Institution

Liu Peng, Vice Director & Secretary of Co-Create Software Alliance

Kan Kam Yuen, Chairman of The Hong Kong Linux Association

Michael Choi, President of Macau Information Technology Association

Steve Wang, Executive Director, Guangdong SME Information Technology Innovation Service Centre

Joseph Wong, Founding Chairman of Hong Kong SME Forum

Clara Chak, Vice President of JRE Partners

KK Yip Kong Kan, Director, Skydeal Group Limited

Wang Guo Yong, Venture Partner, Skydeal Group Limited

Matthew Leung, CFO of Tang Palace (China) Holdings Limited

Patrick Fung, Director of Risen Footwear Hong Kong Limited

Gordon Wang, Financial Controller and Vice General Manager of Risen Footwear Hong Kong Limited

Liang Dong Sheng , Vice General Manager of Zhaobangji Small Loan Co. Ltd.

Ernest Lam, Executive Director, Cinda International Holdings Limited

Ray Suen, General Manager, Shenzhen, Centaline Financial Services Ltd.

Terry Koon, General Manager, China, Centaline Financial Services Ltd.

Fredie Lai, Sales Director, Shenzhen, Centaline Financial Services Ltd.

Thomas Chung, Vine to Wine Cellar co. Ltd.

Gordan Cheng, General Manager, B-Top International

Raymond Chan, Vice General Manager of Skydeal Services Union - Enterprise Finance and Development Roundtable

Dr. Eric Tsang, Vice General Manager, Skydeal Services Union, Enterprise Finance and Development Roundtable

Sun Zhi Chao, Legal Manager, Skydeal Group Limited

Charles Wong, Chairman, Weldtech Technology Co.,Ltd.



《China Technology Industry Monthly》


《BQ Journal》


《GuangZhou Daily》

《NanFang Daily》

《Southern Television Guangdong》

《GuangZhou TV》

《Guangdong TV》

《Pearl River TV》