1. 提高自主研发能力,提升核心竞争力

2. 加速中小企信息化,拓宽自主创新路径

3. 成为中小企发展战略平台,助推中国加快转变经济增长方式  


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Objectives of the SME Inno Summit are :

1. Enhance the capability of research and development and increase the core competitiveness

2. Speed up digitization for SME and broaden the path of R&D

3. Become the development platform for SME and promote economic reform in China

4. Encourage closer co-operation between industry within Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau to speed up the upgrade of business value and change



Introduction of China Industry-University-Research & Brand Building Strategic Alliances

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During the economic development changing process, to contribute for country's innovated brand building, China Industry-University-Research & Brand Building Strategic Alliance(the brand alliance) had been established and approved by China Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Association, to fully implement the national brand strategy, integrate different innovative elements, build "political research" as cooperation platform, nurture and enhance the brand's capability of independent innovation.

Brand alliance aims to advance the implementation of brand strategy, build a cooperation platform for "political research", integrate brand resources to promote the brand establishment and development, explore innovative brand mechanisms, enhance brand's value and nurture the Chinese brands internationalization.

China Industry-University-Research as an innovated service platform, guiding business, industry, urban to establish brand strategy.


Introduction of China Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Association

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China Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Association(Association), founded in November 2007, approved by state council.

National Development and Reform Committee, Educational Ministry, Science & Technology Ministry, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Commerce Department, National Resources Committee, National Intellectual Property Ministry, Chinese Academy of Science, Chinese Academy of Engineering and China Society and Technology Association, these industry-university-research related departments, university, research institute, enterprise join, promote and organize an industry-university-research which is inter-ministerial, inter-regional, cross-sectoral.

National goal of the platform for government - capitalist interaction is to enhance the independent innovative capability, promote innovation and commercialization, industrialization and internationalization,and become non-profit social organizations.

Party Central Committee, State Council and government pay much attention to this industry-university-research cooperation.When the association first established, vice Premier of State Council Zeng Peiyan sent the letter to congratulate the establish of Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Association and promote great expectation to the association.

During the second and third annual association, Vice Premier Zhang Dejiang and state councilor Liu Yandong were sent a congratulatory letter, re-emphasized to strengthen industry-university-research cooperation in response to the financial crisis, building an important role in innovative country and promotion the direction of innovation,cooperation and development. Enterprise Services will be at the first place, the mainstay is China's enterprises construction, market-oriented, combine technological innovation system and make greater contribution.

Under the care, guidance and support of the central leaders and all relevant ministries,there are annual summit of Chinese Industry-University-Research in Beijing, Shenzhen and Tianjin. It promotes great impact to China research cooperation,also been approved by the Office of Science and Technology and national awards. Association organized China Industry-University-Research cooperation and innovation award judgment.There are 197 units and individuals got those award.Association build up national industry-university-research cooperation and innovation base(pilots) in 31 area, alliances and enterprise.They Start building the Internet-based platform for industry-university-research,support the related activity. In the future, Association will endeavor and continue to play important role, to increase business innovation and services development.

Establish a information integrated service platform based the business needs ,continue to promote the awards and base construction, promote regional and industry to establish strategic alliances for technological innovation, investment and financing and to promote research cooperation, strengthen research cooperation policy and theoretical research. Explore the long-term, close and efficient industry-university-research mode , promote international research cooperation and exchange.

China Industry-University-Research Institute Collaboration Association