Background of Innosummit

Background of Innosummit

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The purpose of this summit is to strengthen Industry-University-Research cooperation to enhance the capability of independent innovation, promote innovation and commercialization, industrialization and internationalization.

1. Status and latent risk of  SMEs in China

SMEs take the important position in China Economy. There are over 10 million SMEs in China. It is about 99% of Chinese enterprises, providing 80% jobs and contributing more than 60% of GDP.

However, China's SMEs business conditions become vibrant.  SMEs are suffering from insufficient funding, increasing operating cost, energy shortage, heavy tax burden, high land cost, high housing cost and RMB appreciation. Using cheap labour to produce and re-export to earn profit in the past is no longer valid.

At the same time, in order to control over-heated economy and depress inflation, central government began to raise RMB deposit reserve ratio of deposit-taking financial institutions.

While tightening liquidity, difficulty of credit line to SMEs also increases. It made funding chain more and more tension. How to gathering fund from the market become the key for SMEs survival and development.

SMEs face different kind of threat and problem. The only way to tackle is restructuring and upgrading the industrial structure speedy.

"Transformation and development" become the main theme of China's economic development.

How to change ? How to improve? The way to improve? Which aspects to develop? Those are  the future issue which is the most significant practical  and strategic value. This is the aim for organizing this event.

2. Branding Strategy

Get rid of the business model with low-tech, low-margin, high energy, high environmental costs, turn to building brand strategy.

Today, advance technology made information transformed rapidly. Technology and management know-how is extremely easy to rivals. Difficult to become a core competence. Once the brand establish, it is not only a intangible value, also not replicable. Brand is social identity, market inertia, manifestation of cultural soft power. It is almost impossible to copy.

Brand strategy is the essential way for SMEs to upgrade. Branding is the core competence. First, it should abandon the dependence on the cheap labor orders. Now, enterprise competition not focus on the low operating level, such as lower the cost interminably, but focus on the efforts to expand the market and meet the need of target consumer, build up customer brand loyalty and cultivate an unique market brand.

Brand strategy essential change the primary operating mode(product as core). Iit made enterprise from unique trading mode turn to comprehensive commercial culture, humane care, trendy idea and others to create high-level field, from unity transaction to earn profit turn to through the culture, consumption habits and other aspects of continued commercial value to gain profit and integrated market comprehensively. It made SMEs not only focus on the product development, but also the focus the concept and the spirit behind the product and the social status and the image of the product, the more is the commercial appeal integrate from the product,trade mark entrepreneur and the enterprise.

The core of this summit is to  broaden SMEs horizons and provides a clear vision, according to their strengthen and situation to  identify the path, develop  strategy, design program, and help their business transform at the right time.

3. Strengthen the cooperation with Industry-University-Research

This summit also have another important intention. That is to put effort to help enterprise to build integrated industry-university-research mechanism for SMEs. Let brand strategy enter into the practice stage that can gain integration from technology to the market, from social to business ,thus mechanism can protect the brand strategy start at the right track.

SMEs do not like large enterprise and cooperation and become the main investor of industry-university-research. However, in response to such practical difficulties, entrepreneurs, academics and research institutions will fully interactive, concrete and pragmatic discuss with industries, schools, research institutions each other how to cooperate, play their respective advantages, the formation of strong research, development, production integration of advanced systems and reflect the process of running the comprehensive advantages.

Industry-University-Research cooperate to promote high-school and science and technology institute and become the effective way of innovation, it closely linked government, enterprise  and universities.How to position the relationship between government, enterprise  and universities? How can make sure the enterprise will invest in and stimulate innovation ability of the university so that the chain can cooperate in virtuous circle? What role government, enterprises, universities should play respectively in this process ? How to continually make business fund ?How can technology research and development obtain a better return? Government officials will be invited to explain the successful model of industry-university-research and provide the solution for the enterprise,universities and research institute.